I've learned a lot of new things since I started working at Bark ATL last March, like how to recognize a dog's emotions by watching their behavior, but did you know that you could measure the size of your lap by how many dogs can lay in it at once?! If you sit in the little dog room for about 2 seconds, just about every dog will try to climb in your lap. I have discovered that I have a 3-4 dog lap, depending on the size of the dogs. I can fit 3 tiny dogs (Dolce, Gabbana, and Dior) and one slightly bigger dog like Belle, Puppi, or Bean in my lap. The trick is having the right mix of dogs, in other words, at least one of the dogs doesn't mind being laid on. I'd have to say that having 4 dogs in your lap and a few others laying around you on the floor is just about heaven.


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