5 Ways You Can Help Animals in Need 



One thing all of us can agree on is that every animal deserves a loving and caring home. But, in reality, PETA notes that there are millions of pets across the country that suffer from abandonment and neglect. In this article by Bark ATL, we explore a few simple steps each one of us can take to help animals in need.


Adopt from a Shelter


Pets in the shelter come from various backgrounds. Some have been there since birth, while others are returned by owners at varying ages according to Michelson Found Animals. When you adopt, not only does the pet get home, but also a higher standard of living where they can be free, healthy, and live a fulfilled life. You could possibly be saving them from being euthanized as well.


Be a Foster Parent


It’s understandable if you cannot give every pet a permanent home. By serving as a foster parent you provide a temporary home until they are adopted by a permanent family. During fostering, you can teach pets good habits and nurse them to health, increasing their chances of being adopted according to Lake City Humane Society.


Become a TRN Volunteer


Trap-Neuter-Return is a method used to manage populations of feral cats. It involves humanely trapping feral cats, getting them neutered at a veterinarian, and then returning them into their environment. Not only does this method help to keep the feral population in check, but also reduces the number of cats held and euthanized in shelters.


Start a Non-profit


By starting an animal welfare organization, you increase the resources towards helping animals in need. Depending on the requirements of the community, you can establish a shelter, pet clinic, rescue service, etc. Incorporating your nonprofit will make you eligible for government and private grants, which can be used to buy inventory, market your services and cover operating costs.


Create a Fundraiser


To help existing organizations in your community with their financial needs, choose to start a fundraiser. There are various online platforms through which you can create a fundraiser in minutes. Next, you can start promoting it on your social media and ask those in your network to do the same.


Whether it be helping a pet find a home, engaging in fundraising, or adopting one yourself, undertaking any of these steps will bring about a major positive change in the lives of animals in our community.


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