We had such a great group of dogs in the big dog room today! Even though there were over 20 dogs, it was a carefree afternoon at Bark ATL. Our boarders are all pretty tired from the past few days of fun, so they spent a lot of the day relaxing. I have to say one of the best things about working at Bark ATL is that every time you sit down, you instantly get a lap-full of puppy love! Bogie, Wally, Trooper, Maggie & Millie were all being total teddy bears today. Haha. Molly, Jake, Peanut, and Bugs were all playing hard this afternoon. Riley was curled up sleeping in the corner, as usual, but of course had to come over for the occasional cuddles. Pippin, Toby, Mikey, Scout, Berkley, Sadie Roo, and Piglet all made themselves at home and spent a good bit of the afternoon laid out on our comfy Kuranda beds. All the dogs are having a great time during their holiday stay. I think they're really enjoying the Christmas music, too. 🙂

Happy (almost) Holidays!
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