Both BARK ATL locations offer 24-hour supervised, cage-free playrooms where dogs can play in smaller groups than in most dog day care environments.  A smaller facility provides a more personable atmosphere and is less stressful for the dogs. Dogs experience a more relaxed environment, develop closer friendships and are less likely to become aggressive.

Truly Cage-Free

At BARK ATL, cage-free means truly cage-free. Your dog will feel at home – or on vacation – without cages, even while boarding. We will have 24-hour dedicated staff, so your dog will be able to go outside for a potty break before bed – at 10:00 pm, not at 7:00 pm then locked in a crate all night! This is a dog resort, not a dog kennel.

Play Areas

We created three play rooms and an outdoor area to accommodate various sizes and temperaments. Bark ATL staff have  unobstructed visualization of the playrooms at all times. In addition, rubber flooring was installed throughout the facility so that dogs can play – and play hard! – with less physical impact.


Having constant human interaction is important so dogs can bond with each other and with our staff. Each playroom is staffed with a well-trained pet specialist at all times so that dogs can enjoy human contact and lots of love. Staff is on hand 24 hours to accommodate all your dogs’ needs – anytime.


Location is key. Convenience is important to Atlantans – we are the busiest commuter city in the country! Both BARK ATL are conveniently-located in Downtown and Midtown with easy to access  I-75/85 and just a hop, skip and a bark from anywhere in the Atlanta metro area!

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