Snoopy’s Adoption Story

We had just gotten married and my husband told me I could get a kitten when we returned from our honeymoon. I felt like I wanted a new little pet to keep me excited after all the wedding festivities were over. So, we returned on Friday and that Saturday we made our way to the Atlanta Humane Society, in search of a kitten. I had already picked out a name and everything – he would be Sebastian Hsu. However, when we got to the Humane Society, they were out of kittens!!! What?! How could they be out of kittens?! I was so surprised because I had researched it and it was prime kitten season time. Apparently, the Humane Society was having its Founders Day special and all pets were $18.73 (the year the Humane Society was founded). So, they were low on adoptable pets that week. My husband said, let’s just take a peek at the puppies. We weren’t going to get one just yet until we moved into a house. But, once we walked in, we caught a glimpse of HIM!
He was being held by this other couple. So, we circled around a bit, tried to eavesdrop to see if they were going to adopt him. To our excitement, they said they would have to think about him and come back. So, this was our time to swoop in! I made my husband follow (stalk) the volunteer as he was putting Rusty (his shelter name) back in his cage, and immediately say…”we’d like to take a look at him.” Once we had him in our arms, we knew it was love at first sight and he was ours forever. We never let go of him and that day walked out with Snoopy Hsu!!!! It was the best decision we’ve made. So, now a year later, Snoopy Hsu is the biggest 55 lb. kitten ever! We went in looking for a kitten (Sebastian Hsu) and came out with the best puppy anyone could have asked for (Snoopy Hsu)!!!!