I usually do the little pup student of the week on Wednesdays but I forgot to let the parents know their pet was chosen at the end of last week. Don't fret, student of the week will return next week! I want to debut a new section of our blog called Adoption Stories. Here we will feature one of our Bark ATL dogs and their family and learn how they found each other. Some will come from a breeder, some from a shelter, and a few right off the street. We want to know how your fur kid came to be a part of your family, so send in a picture and your story to info@barkatl.com. You could be featured next week! This week I will start with the adoption story of my newest fur kid, Gidget!
I have wanted a "pocket puppy" for a very long time but didn't think I had the time for another pet in my life. Most of you know that Bre is very involved with area rescue organizations and one of them is the Barking Hound Village Foundation Rescue. Well, Bre called me one day and said she had a tiny baby for me. She sent me a few pictures and it was love at first sight. Gidget came home with me that night and has been with me ever since. We have only been in each others lives for a few weeks but this companionship is forever. As with most shelter pups I don't know her history but I think she endured some type of abuse. She is nervous around men and shakes in fear if you make a sudden movement, but we are working on that. All she needs is a lot of love and someone to throw the tennis ball. 🙂
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