Bark ATL's Favorite April Fool's Day Pranks for Dog Loving Humans!

April fools Day is one of the most cheerful and carefree days all year around and it’s just around the corner. As we all know, it is celebrated every year on the first of April by playing practical jokes and spreading laughter.


Want to yank their chains this April fool’s day?


Here are a few of our favorite practical jokes for Dog Loving Humans: (Inspired by


dog biscuits


Treats for Everyone!

Keep your loved ones guessing by baking them cookies that look like dog biscuits.


poopsie rolls


Have you ever heard of “Pootsie” Rolls?


Get some Tootsie Rolls and mold them into edible dog poop and offer them to a friend. Gross! (Photo Credit:



k9 computer


Tech for Pups!

Trick your Facebook friends and make a post about how you just bought your furry friend his/her first laptop. Introducing the new Toshiba PetBook K9.


fake dog


Have a good laugh by watching hilarious dog prank videos!



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