We are super excited about one of our favorite little dog students, Bailey. We feel so lucky to have celebrated all five of Bailey's birthdays here at BARK ATL!  Let's take a look at her best birthday shots!


This picture is from Bailey's BIG FIRST birthday party at BARK ATL! Back in 2008, after we had only been open a year, Bailey was already a regular and we were so happy to celebrate her BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY here with all her friends. Click here to see the rest of her photos from the big 2008 birthday bash!


Here's Bailey's BIG SECOND birthday at BARK ATL in 2009! She had a great party with all her friends. We don't think little Bailey ever went through the "terrible two's"! She's always been one of the most popular girls in her class, and everyone loves her parties! Click here to see the rest of her photos from the big 2009 birthday bash!


Here's Bailey's cutest shot from the BIG THIRD birthday at BARK ATL in 2010! She is modeling a beautiful sparkle necklace with pink flower. She looks fabulous for age three, don't you think? We sure do! Click here to check out the rest of photos from the big 2010 birthday bash!


How cute is little Bailey in this picture? This was her BIG FOURTH birthday at BARK ATL last year, 2011! She is wearing a large pink and silver bow and she's perched on her favorite birthday bench! It was a great party, and all her friends had so much fun celebrating with her! Click here to see the rest of the photos from the big 2011 birthday bash!


Finally, here's Bailey's BIG FIFTH birthday at BARK ATL last month, 2012! She is just about to dig into her favorite birthday treat - the BARK ATL pup-cake! She's modeling a beautiful, stylish pink and green frock with pointy, sparkley birthday hat and bows. She was the most fashionable birthday girl, and she definitely started a spring dress trend here at BARK ATL. Click here to see the rest of the photos from Bailey's big 2012 birthday bash!




We are so thankful to have you in our pack, and we'd just like to say - you haven't aged a bit! You're still as beautiful and sweet as ever!!!!
Can't wait until the BIG SIXTH birthday in 2013! WOOF, WOOF!


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