The dog days of Summer had to come to an end, and leave it to BARK ATL to find the perfect way to celebrate! BARK ATL was a proud sponsor of the Piedmont Park Splish Splash Doggy Bash held at Piedmont Park Pool Saturday, Sept. 18th. The event was really unique - for the final days of Summer the city turns the pool over to the dogs, literally. There was a lot of doggy paddeling going on! It was a sight to see, and VERY entertaining for us humans and a total BLAST for all the dogs that came & conquered a HUGE pool of FUN. Check out the video here: BARK ATL @ Splish Splash Doggy Bash

BARK ATL represents at Splish Splash Doggy Bash - We have a pool, too!
Some dogs jump right in, others need a little paw holding...
Pepe & Twin stopped by the booth to say hello! We love you two!
This sweet girl had a bad leg, but she was running and playing with the best of them! Good luck with your surgery, girl.
This guy found the cooler - and the shade - and the doggy ice cream! SCORE!
A dog's eye view of the fun!
Did someone say BACON?

To see more pictures from the event:
Facebook Photo Album - Splish Splash Doggy Bash

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