Bark ATL is a proud supporter of Friends of Dekalb Animals (FODA) by providing temporary boarding for rescue dogs awaiting transport to their new homes. Over the past few weeks, we had 4 dogs from FODA visiting us.


About FODA


Friends of Dekalb Animals (FODA) is a volunteer-based, non-profit initiative formed by a group of individuals who are on a mission to save the lives of animals in Metro Atlanta and other surrounding counties.  FODA raises funds to vet and transport stray animals from local high kill animal control facilities to pre-approved rescue partners in the Northeast. Once transported, their chances for adoption are drastically improved because the rescue shelters in the northern states generally do not experience the save levels of overpopulation that exist in Georgia and other southern states.


FODA’s goal is to save the lives of at least 50 animals each month. The alternative is grim and heartbreaking.


Bark ATL’s Contribution to FODA


One challenge that FODA faces is finding temporary foster homes. While Bre and Maria have personally fostered dogs from FODA in their own home, BARK ATL also provides temporary boarding to foster for FODA during times when our facility is generally not as busy.  Bark ATL’s cage-free environment is great alternative for many of these dogs coming from the local rescue shelters where they have been isolated.  After passing the same temperament testing that all guests at Bark ATL must take, these former strays can join in the doggie daycare and cage-free boarding activities.


We recently had four furry friends from FODA at our facility at Bark ATL while they were awaiting transport to an out of state rescue group. The majority of our four friends visiting this month were rescued from previous owners who could no longer keep them, also referred to as “owner surrenders.” For the short time they were with us, each of our FODA guests received an abundant amount of love and care from the well-trained and passionate Bark ATL staff during their stay.  In addition, they got some quality social interaction with the Bark ATL pack and even made some new friends.  It was really sweet to see our regular Bark ATL dogs embrace the foster dogs.


Our Most Recent FODA Guests



Lucas is a Basset Hound Mix who was an owner surrender. He was such a sweet and loving dog and was fortunate enough to find a loving home the same day he arrived in New York on the transport truck.


Quinn is a Cattle Dog Mix. He was rescued from the Rockdale Animal Shelter on the same day he was scheduled to be euthanized. Bre made sure to rescue him before any harm could be done. “Quinn was overlooked in the shelter because he was extremely shy, but after 2 months of living at Bark ATL he became much more trusting and confident. He even made some best friends,” stated Bre.


Noah is a playful Basset Hound Husky who was an owner surrender.


Tibbs is a Corgi Mix who was an owner surrender as well. He stayed at Bark ATL until he was transported out on March 4, 2016.


Raising Awareness


Many people around the world are unaware of all the animals that do not have a home to receive love and care. It’s important that as dog-lovers and dog-owners, we become aware of this rising issue. We can begin by first becoming aware of the homeless dogs in our local community here in Atlanta.


In Dekalb County alone, there are over hundreds of dogs and cats in the shelter at Dekalb Animal Control. Over 60% of these precious animals will be euthanized due to the fact that there are just not enough people adopting pets. This is an issue that is continuously rising with the increasing number of strays and neglected animals who may end up dying.


Anyone can help by donating to FODA in just a few simple steps on their website or clicking here. FODA accepts one-time donations and provides the option to set-up a monthly or weekly automatic contribution. 100% of all the donations FODA receives go towards the vetting and funds required to transport these animals to give them a chance to live and finding loving homes. Every cent will contribute to the chance of saving a life of an animal who is need of your help.


Another way you can help this cause is by simply providing information for those around you who are yet unaware. You can start by sharing this post through Facebook or Twitter, so that more individuals can gain insight on these issues regarding these furry friends who need a home. Raising awareness in this way can increase and encourage adoptions.


To find out more about FODA, you can visit their website.


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