Posted by: Aimee T., BARK ATL Assistant Manager


As soon as Bijee enters the building, everyone knows it’s time to “Get Bijee With It!”


This little guy takes his role as a playmate and star pupil very seriously. Since his first day with us in February, Bijee has been giving us all the goofiness that we love and crave at Bark ATL while taking directions like a truly smart puppy.


Here he is on his first day of school back in February:

Doesn’t this face say it all?!


He’s no shy Bichon…Bijee energetically plays with all his Little Pup Lane classmates all day and blends into our pack seamlessly, although he does get a little quirky at times.


Quirk #1: The Lean. Bijee likes to lean, he really, really likes to lean. Here he is during one of his famous leans…



Oh! Wait, there’s more where that came from!



Quirk #2: Bijee’s afternoon personality (also known as “Sweet B”) who demands to be cuddled and petted twice as much and for twice as long as usual.


Here he is making a move into the loving arms of our staff


And if you’re wondering how often he succeeds at getting those extra hugs and kisses, rest assured he wins every single time!


Quirk #4: Bijee is the prince of post-daycare naps! ‘Nuff said.


He may come in to school super pumped but the ride home is a different story.


“Getting Bijee With It” is hard work for a pup, but who could resist a life that gives this sweet boy (and his Mom and Dad) the chance to enjoy all the wonders of cage free, all day play!


And I saved the best for last… just look at this sweet face.

You can see Bijee and his pals on our Little Pup Lane Bark Cam, all week during our regular business hours!


We love you, Bijee!