Today's blog post is about our big dog student of the week, Bella! Her mom sent in great pics and a super funny story so I thought I would let her tell you about her fur kid, Bella:
We moved to Georgia about 2.5 yrs ago. I found this great place to take Bella during the day called Bark ATL. They would keep my crazy dog occupied during the day so that I could come home and rest at night. This arrangement has worked out so well for us for the last 2 yrs.
We got Bella about 3 years ago from the Birmingham Humane Society. Bella fell asleep in my lap on the drive home from the Humane Society, she knew she'd found her forever home. 🙂
Bella has two kitties, Mimur and Fudd. She really loves Mimur and just kinda tolerates Fudd. You can often find Mimur cleaning Bella's face or sleeping in Bella's bed. Bella will selflessly give up her bed if Mimur wants it. One year Bella dressed up as a lion for Halloween (I guess she wanted to be a cat like Mimur too).
Here is Fudd and Mimur checking out Bella dressed as a lion for Halloween. 
Which is funny because Bark ATL dressed her like a lion, too!
Bella can be a little camera shy and sometimes with her black color it's hard to get a really great picture of her....
But sometimes you can find her checking herself out in the mirror before her photo shoots...
Bella loves the outdoors, she loves the sun
and the snow...
But Bella loves Bark ATL the most. I know because when she gets home she looks like this:
One of my funniest memories of Bella was one very rainy weekday morning. It was still dark and the rain was pouring down. Bella doesn't really like to get wet (hmmm are you sure you're a lab?)  However I need Bella to "do her business" so that I can get ready for work. Bella at the time did not have a raincoat, so I made an attempt to fashion one out of a Hefty Cinch Sack bag and a pair of scissors. (You may already see where this is going...)  I proceed to cut a hole for her head, then a hole for her two front legs to fit through. Lastly I "cinched" the drawstring around her waist to customize the fit. I'm thinking, "what an ingenious idea!" It's dark and she's a black lab, so this white "raincoat/trash bag" will make it easy for me to see her. I'm so proud of myself, I'm going to stay dry and my dog is too. Feeling smug, we proceed outside....Bella looks back at me like as if to say, "Do I have to?" I shoo her off into the yard. I'm standing on the porch in my jammies, I'm dry and I can see Bella's white trash bag walking across the yard back and forth. She'd gotten maybe about 40 feet away...when the wind came. A huge gust of wind blows the bag right over the dog's head. Bella freaks out and begins to sling head from side to side. I'm calling her and she won't come, she's in panic mode.  I run across the yard in my jammies to rescue my poor, panic-stricken dog who now has at least gotten her eyes out of the hole but nose and mouth are still covered. She's looking at me like, "What the...?". I get the bag off her and we make it back to the porch. I'm soaked, she's soaked, no "business" done. Sorry Bella, you'll have to hold it til you get to Bark ATL. Bella's one lucky dog but she also gives so much love and affection in return. And Bella now has her own actual raincoat. 🙂
We are so happy to have you in our pack Bella! We all <3 you!!