I know it's been a little while since we have had a student of the week but the wait is over. Bark ATL's big dog student of the week is (drum roll please................) Boo!! That's her name silly, I didn't mean to scare you. :p


I don't know too much about Boo (her mom and dad were on their honeymoon so they didn't get a chance to tell me) but I do know this sweet girl is super soft and loves to lean on you. I also know she likes to play "dead cockroach"!


She also enjoys a good game of hide and seek, although she isn't that great at it. She thinks as long as she can't see you then you can't see her! Silly Boo.


I do know that she was a racing dog and when her track closed she, along with about 200 other dogs, needed homes. Boo was originally named Becca but that name doesn't suit her at all, plus her mom is named Becca. I like Boo. She's the only one we have, the original gangsta.
I also know that Boo lives an active lifestyle. She enjoys running (and the nap that happens afterward).


Boo loves the beach!! Bikini not needed.


She is also an avid cyclist!


But when it comes to work, Boo is very professional. She is an advocate for stopping animal cruelty. You can find out more about greyhound racing from the ASPCA.


Boo is a lover and is loved by all who meet her.


Everyone at Bark ATL is super happy that you were chosen as student of the week! It is well deserved. 🙂