Happy Thursday! I am sure you have been wondering why there hasn't been any blog posts yet this week and I have an excellent excuse. I was sunning myself on the beaches of Puerto Rico. It's okay, you can be envious. Just don't freak out when you see my lobster red face. I had a great time but I missed my pack and am glad to be back! I'm going to treat today like it was Monday so it's time for Bark ATL's big dog student of the week. This week our star student is Dakota!
First off I have to say that Dakota is AWESOME!! I wish I had known her as a pup. She is so stinkin cute and the sweetest Rottweiler you will ever meet.
As a young pup Dakota knew she was special and destined to do something great. You can see the determination in her eyes!
She thought about being a famous writer but it was hard holding a pen and her paws were too big for the keyboard.
This saddened Dakota but she decided to sleep on it. After some rest and much thought she decided to be a model! Can't let all that beauty go to waste.
When Dakota was only 10 months old she started to limp on her left leg and the doctor's diagnosis was that she had cartilage which wouldn't harden and had to be removed. Thanks to the wonderful surgeon in Tucker and staff at BarkAtl she made a full recovery and was back on the catwalk as the lead model for Victoria Secrets- "The Pink Collection."
Later that fall she was coronated homecoming queen in Decatur. She gnawed and ate part of her tiara before the photo shoot could be completed.
Dakota loves to come to school at Bark ATL! She says her favorite activity is playing with her friends.
Dakota is such a ham! She loves to get belly rubs and isn't shy when it comes to asking for them.
Dakota takes her role as student of the week very seriously. She is currently giving pointers to the other pups on how to become the next Bark ATL star.
When she isn't ruling the school Dakota likes to lounge by the pool and work on her tan.
She also enjoys relaxing on the deck, taking in all of the beauty mother nature has to offer.
Dakota said her best friend and mentor was Lucy Gum. Lucy passed away last summer but Dakota said she will live on in her heart.
Dakota said she really enjoyed the snow we had not too long ago.
She really enjoyed sledding downhill with her dad, Keith.
Congratulations on being Bark ATL's student of the week Dakota! We all super puffy heart you.