Hi everybody! My name is Dewey and I am Bark ATL's big dog student of the week!! Pretty cool, huh? Kristina is busy right now so she told me to get started on the blog post. She doesn't normally let the students do this but I'm special. At least that's what my mama says. Oh, Happy Birthday Mom!! I promise to be on my best behavior and give you lots of love.
Okay, back to me! I am about a year and a half old and am a shepherd mix. Pretty cute if I do say so myself!
When I was a pup I liked to chew on EVERYTHING!! Toys were fine but I would rather have chewed on furniture or shoes.
My mom and dad told me that was bad (I don't know why) and that I should chew on the toys they bought me. I love them so I did what they asked.
The red ball was fine but I really liked my purple rope thing.
One of my favorite things to do is play in the mud! It feels so good. My mom and dad don't like me doing it because they say it makes me dirty and stinky. That's okay. The nice people at Bark ATL will give me a bath!
When I'm not rolling in the mud or playing with toys I like to chill with my dad. He's so cool. I hope I can be as cool as he is when I grow up.
Sometimes the meaning of life gets me thinking. I know I was put here to do something great but I can't figure it out! My mom says I was put here to bring joy and happiness to their lives. I guess, but they make me happy too.
When it all gets to be a bit much I like to curl up on my favorite bed and dream.
My favorite dream is the time I went to Bark ATL for my best friends Madison and Presley's birthday! We had so much fun playing. The pupcakes were de-lish!! I can't wait till my next birthday. I hope my mom lets me have a party at Bark ATL!!
Man, do you remember all that crazy snow we had this past winter?? It was so pretty. I wanted to go outside and see what it was all about. It tasted funny and was cold. Mom said not to eat the yellow snow. Not sure why, but that's okay. I don't like lemonade anyway.
Now this is more like it!! I'm a pool kinda guy. The ladies like an athletic guy anyway.
I really love hanging out with my friends at Bark ATL. School is super cool! Uh oh. Here comes Kristina!!
You did a fantastic job Dewey!! Congratulations on being Bark ATL's student of the week. We all love you!!
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