It's Monday, which means time for Bark ATL's big dog student of the week. This week our star student is my favorite yellow lab, Jake! You can check out a blog post by Jake by clicking here.
This handsome guy loves coming to Bark ATL. Secretly I hope it's because of me. I mean, Ido give the best lovin and head rubs ever. Jake says he likes coming here because all of his friends are here and he likes all of the humans. I know he's just being nice and that he loves me the most. 😉
One of my favorite things about Jake is that he loves to be loved. He likes to follow me around the room and if I stop he goes through my legs, sits down and looks up at me. I then bend down and wrap my arms around him and give him the biggest hug ever! He is seriously the sweetest guy.
Jake is around 7 years old but some days he acts like a puppy. When one of his best friends are here he plays and plays. His best friend is Kobee and I think they have a bro-mance going on.
If it's a chill day for Jake you can find him sitting in a corner observing the rest of the pack. I think of it as a big brother carefully watching over his siblings. For some reason his favorite place to sit is by the water bowls!
Ah! I just love that face!! Jake is always smiling and he will surely put a smile on your face as soon as you see him. If you are having a bad day Jake will help take it away. He always makes me feel better.
Congrats on being our big dog student of the week Jake! You deserve it. Everyone at Bark ATL loves you!!