Today is Monday which means it's time for Bark ATL's big dog student of the week! This week our star student is Luke. You might recognize this handsome 2 year old golden retriever from our Facebook page. Luke is a regular for daycare and boarding. He sure does brighten up the room with his beautiful coat and contagious smile.
He is a typical Golden Retriever and loves the water. He loves to bite the water and is completely at home in the pool or bath tub!
Luke loves coming to Bark ATL! His dad says that this is the only place where he is allowed to jump up and give hugs and kisses. He is so excited to come, even after we dressed him up like a lion for Halloween!
Luke is a great student. He listens well and is very popular with the rest of the class.
Luke loves to play "dot". We take a laser pointer and shine it on the wall. He loves to chase after it! I wish I had a picture to show you but he moves so fast it just looks like a blond blur.
Luke loves making new friends! His best friend is Ripley the Springer Spaniel.
Everybody at Bark ATL loves you Luke!!

Luke's dad just sent me a few more pictures of him and you know I had to add them!

Luke is all excited to come see his best friends at Bark ATL!

I LOVE THAT FACE!! He was the cutest puppy ever!!

Another adorable puppy shot!

You're soooooooo handsome!!! We love you Luke-y. Smoochies!!