It's Monday-yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!-which means it's time for Bark ATL's student of the week. I know this is the only reason you look forward to Monday, right?? This week our big dog star student is Ripley! This handsome Springer Spaniel is two years old and spunky. The only thing he loves more than Bark ATL is his mama!!
Well, Ripley does love the camera and apparently it loves him too because I've never seen a bad picture of him. Even as a puppy Ripley had an itch to model. He's got the head tilt pose down.
And just look at that smile!
This shot of Ripley is good enough to be the cover of Dog Fancy magazine. I know I would buy it!
As a young pup Ripley knew he was destined to be more than just a pretty face. He thought space would be a good place for him but he said it's cold up there.
Ripley also wanted to be a world famous traveler but he missed his mom and friends at Bark ATL.
Ripley likes to vacation on the beach with his family but says he also likes to stay at Bark ATL for a few days. He says it's a stay-cation at his favorite spot.
Ripley is liked by all at school. He likes to lay on his back so the people can give him belly rubs.
Luke is one of Ripley's best friends. They love to run around the room and chase the laser pointer!
Ripley looooooooooves to swim in the pool alone
Or with friends!
Ripley loves to dress up for pictures! He made the cutest bee this past Halloween. He told me that this year he wants to be a cop. He says the ladies love a pup in uniform.
We were fortunate enough to host Ripley's second birthday at Bark ATL this past December!
We partied like rock stars! It's hard being the birthday boy.
A few days after his birthday party it was time for holiday pictures. I think Ripley was still hung over!
Thanks for being so awesome Ripley! Everyone at Bark ATL loves you!!