Hooray, it's Wednesday!! You know what the best thing about Wednesday is?? It's Bark ATL's little student of the week day!! This week our star student is Remy.

Remy was born on Oct, 31 2008 in Oklahoma City. He arrived via airplane traveling in a gigantic crate. His new family fell in love with him and his devilish ways immediately. And how could you not?? Just look at that face!!

Remy is a really active dog . He loves to play fetch, chase geese or squirrels, take long walks, and of course go to Bark Atl. He’s pretty adventurous and loved the snow storm this past winter. I think he is thinking of taking up snowboarding. Although Remy is an active pup, he likes to be pampered too. He likes to spend at least half the day lying around on fluffy blankets just out of the dryer (only when mom isn't not looking) or lying in the warm sun. I guess he saves up his energy for when his girls come home so he can play fetch for hours.

Remy is affectionately referred to as Devil Dog because, well, he's a devil. He is super smart and always finds ways to be sneaky. A family favorite Remy story happened during a holiday dinner. Remy's dad made potato pancakes that were really big and super crispy. When dinner was finished Remy was sitting on his mom's lap. He literally looked both ways to make certain the coast was clear, jumped on the table, and made off with a potato pancake that was as big as his head!!
The devilish part of Remy also makes him lovable. He is fiercely protective of those he loves and once he loves someone he never forgets them. For a little dog he sure has a really big heart.
Remy puts up with a lot from us. He was such a good sport for this photo session. Every time I see it I laugh my butt off!!
Remy is liked by all at Bark ATL! He loves to play with the other pups and shows the new kids the ropes. Remy said this is favorite place next to home.
Remy also said that one of his favorite things to do at Bark ATL is play with the ball. The only thing that's better than that is to play with the ball in the pool! He is so glad the weather is heating up.
Remy starts pawing at the door the minute he sees his food for the week being scooped into a ziplock bag. It is reassuring to his family to know he has someplace wonderful to play and be loved when they aren't home. Remy's parents say they are so grateful that he has Bark Atl but it is us that feel grateful to them for allowing us to care for such an awesome fur kid!!
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