Woooooo hoooooo, we made it to Wednesday!! Hold on kids, the weekend is almost here. To help your day a little more enjoyable let me introduce you to Bark ATL's little pup student of the week, Bailey! I hope you had the chance to check out her birthday party I blogged about yesterday. Little Bailey B. is one of our favorite students and I'm sure she will be one of yours, too!
Our little Bailey is a jumper! I can stand on the other side of the door and hold my arms out and she will jump into them. I'm 5' 10"!!
One of Bailey's favorite things to do is claim the cube. If someone else is in her cube she kicks them out!
She likes to share the cube with her best friend Puppi.
Bailey's mom said that she knows when she is about to go to "school" aka Bark ATL. Mom tells her that she's going to see her friends and she immediately runs to the door and gets very excited!
Bailey loooooooves the water. It doesn't matter if it is in a bowl

Or in the pool with friends.
When there isn't any water in the pool this is what she does when we go outside! Silly girl.
Bailey is such a sweetheart. This picture pretty much sums it up!
Bailey loves to ride! Every time she gets in the car mom will lower the window and Bailey tries to bite the glass. She's so excited she gets to put her little head out of the window! We love you Bailey and hope every time you ride in the car you are coming to see your friends at Bark ATL. 🙂
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