Hip hip hooray, it's Friday!!!! Usually I do a picture of the week on Friday but since I am still trying to play catch up we are going to highlight our little pup student of the week. This week Bark ATL's star student is Ella! We all love our little Ella. She is the sweetest little lover pup there is.
Ella was a rescue so we don't know her back story. I know that her life now is as good as it gets! Her parents love her so much and she truly is a little angel.
It's kinda hard to take a good picture of Ella. Her coat is so dark you really can't see her eyes!
Ella loves coming to school! She has the best time playing with the other pups.
I think her favorite thing to do is be held. Whenever you walk into the room she starts barking at you to pick her up. She loves to be held like a baby!
Our little Ella bug!
One of the best things about Ella is that she is very chill. On really hectic days it is nice to sit with her in your lap and love on her. You instantly feel relaxed and calm. She's my little zen pup!
Ella says she wasn't too sure about the snow storm we had earlier this year. She said she didn't like that it was so cold and wet. She did think it was really pretty though. She said if it happens again next winter she will watch it from the warm comfort of her dad's lap.
Don't let that sweet face fool you though. If you ignore her you will get "Mad Ella" and nobody wants that, trust me!
Ella knows no stranger and is loved instantly by everyone who meets her. When Ella comes to school the whole building lights up.
Congratulations on being our little pup student of the week Ella! We are so happy to have you at Bark ATL!
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