Hip hip hooray, it's Wednesday!! That means it's time for Bark ATL's little pup student of the week. This week our star student is Finn!
Her mom said the moment they saw Finn it was love at 1st sight. She weighed just 3lbs, was so friendly and funny, and ridiculously cute!  They picked her up and drove 8 hours home; she snuggled up and slept in their arms the whole way.
They used to carry Finn around in a little bag, as her tiny little legs would quickly tire on hikes. Sometimes she still likes to be carried in it, though now she is bursting out of every end of it!!
Finn lives a very active life and loves all sports, like kayaking-

And tennis!

She also likes to play soccer, and is a Huge Fan! She caught every world cup match on the big screen at her favorite pub, the Midway.

One of Finn's favorite things to do is run on the beach. She doesn’t like to be cold after a swim though, so her moms always have to have a big warm towel ready for her to roll in.
When Finn was just 6 months old, she went to Germany & the Netherlands. Her moms were very nervous about the flight and had a huge diaper bag filled with anything a puppy might possibly want, but Finn just curled up in her travel bag and snoozed the whole flight. Dogs are welcome in most restaurants & shops and on the buses & ferries. They also have dog beaches and parks to play. It was great fun for Finn and she made lots of friends.
While in Germany Finn fell in love with Elina, a giant white golden retriever from Hamburg. Her mom says it was a bit scary to watch them play at first, Elina so big and Finny so small, but Elina was very gentle, and they just loved playing together. At the beach, Finn kept following Elina into the sea, which quickly became over her head; she couldn’t understand how Elina could walk out further than her? When they parted ways they were both upset, Finn misses her giant friend, but will visit her again one day soon!
Finn also likes to take a nice relaxing ride in the convertible,
And work on her black belt karate skills! She loves practicing her mixed martial arts skills on her toy friends. At the dojo, she is the most popular Sensei.
Finn also loves to play dress up. She said the Valentines shoot was fun but Howl-O-Ween is her favorite holiday.
This past Howl-O-Ween she got to dress up as a knight!
Christmas was fun too but she said this year she wants to be an elf, not a rein-dog.
Although she's a girl, Finn said this was a bit too pink for her. She would like a little purple next year. She said that's her favorite color. Mine, too!
But Finn's favorite thing to celebrate are birthdays. She's attended several of her friends birthday parties but hers was the most fun. She got to celebrate it at Bark ATL!!
Congratulations on being this weeks student of the week! Everyone at Bark ATL loves you Finn!! 🙂
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