We made it to Wednesday everybody!! Hump day is a great day at Bark ATL because it is time for our little pup student of the week! This week it is Harley. Harley is a one year old West Highland Terrier Mix and full of energy!
As a puppy, Harley loved to play with toys. He still loves to chase after a tennis ball!
Harley said he's glad he is bigger now. Riding in mom's purse was okay at first but as he grew it got a bit cramped in there!
Harley also loved to nap when he was a baby but not anymore! We rarely catch him napping at school.
Harley said he likes going to see his doctor. He said she is so nice and always gives him lots of love, and a treat for being good.
Harley was a very mischievous puppy. He said he would get stuck in the fence from time to time and mom had to rescue him.
Harley (on the left) loves other dogs. He makes friends everywhere he goes-
Like Piedmont dog park!
He likes dogs of all sizes!
Here is a video of him playing with a friend!
Harley said one of his favorite activities is to lay in the sun. He says it feels good and now he knows why cats do it!
Harley said he likes to go on trips. He also said that he and his mom don't take enough vacations together and that he would like to go to the beach this summer (hint hint)!
Harley loves to run and play with his friends. He said he loves coming to Bark ATL because it's like a home away from home. He gets lots of love!!
Congratulations on being Student of the Week, Harley! Everyone at Bark ATL loves you!!
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