Hi everybody!! My name is Kit and I am Bark ATL's little pup student of the week and I am so excited!! This has been the best week EVER. My birthday was yesterday and I had the coolest party with all of my friends at Bark. Kristina said she will put pictures on tomorrows blog post.
So, more about me. I am a Carin Terrier and I just turned two yesterday. I was your typical puppy. I liked to chew on things and play. My mom says some days I am more like the Wicked Witch, not Toto....
Guess that explains my howl-o-ween costume!
But come on, how could you not love this adorable face?? Trust me, it's gotten me out of a lot of trouble!
I was very fortunate to learn from my big brother, Wolfie, before he went to heaven. He tried to teach me to share but I have a mind all of my own!
I loved to share naps with him though. Toys not so much.
One of our favorite things to do was sit in the yard and watch the cars and people go by. I miss him but I know we will see each other again one day. Till then I am trying to be good and follow the advice he gave me. I hope I'm making you proud!
I'm so happy that my mom brought me to Bark ATL! I was lonely in the house all day while she was at work. Now I have lots of friends to keep me company. You know what else I like about Bark ATL?? The cool costumes and photo shoots!!
I love to take pictures!! I am always smiling so it fitting for me to be a super model. I really think I should be the next face of Bark ATL. What do you think??
Here are a few images from my rockin party yesterday. Look at how happy I am!! Birthdays are the best days.
Here I am with my besties Raisin and Finley. Uncle Morgan was teasing us with the pupcakes in order to get a good picture!
Finally! The yummy goodness was all mine. You wouldn't think it by looking at him but Uncle Morgan can bake!!
Well, that's enough about me for now. It's time to go outside and play in the pool!! Kristina said she needs the computer back so she can do some work anyway.
AWESOME job Kit!! Thanks for writing this so I could take the rest of the crew outside. You're the best and we all love you!! đŸ™‚