Our little pup Student of the Week is Max B! Max is a 2 year old Silky Terrier and is loved by all at Bark ATL. He is always happy and full of energy. Max said he loves coming to Bark because all of his friends are here, and the people are really nice. 
Max was the cutest puppy ever! The picture below is of his first night in his forever home.
Max said he liked to sleep a lot when he was a puppy, although mom might not agree.
His favorite toy to snuggle with is his moose. Max says that's his little buddy.
I know that I would give in and feed him whatever he wanted if I saw that cute face looking up at me while in the kitchen.
Max loves to ride in the car. His favorite destination is Bark ATL, of course!
And who hasn't checked themselves out in the rear view mirror! Max said if you looked as good as he does you would stop and look in every mirror, too.
Max is definitely a party animal! He loved celebrating his big day with all of his friends atBark ATL. He wants me to tell you that the pupcakes are the best and you should have your best friends next birthday with us. Oh, and he also said to make sure he is invited!
Max loves to get dressed up for pictures. He said he isn't very fond of the pink and red in this first picture but he does pull it off well.
Max makes an awesome giraffe! I think this year he should be a cowboy or a pumpkin.
He looks so sweet as a Rein-dog. Max loves to bring the holiday spirit!
Max loves playtime at Bark. He said there is nothing better than chillin on the bench outside on a nice sunny afternoon.
Sharing the bench with a friend is much more fun.
Max makes friends with everybody. He knows no stranger!
Thanks for being such an awesome student Max! Everyone at Bark ATL loves you!!
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