Bark ATL's little pup student of the week is Reuben! Ruby-dooby (as I like to call him) is a 3 year old Australian Terrier. Reuben is one of the coolest little dogs ever. He certainly has a personality all of his own and keeps all of us laughing with his funny antics. He was such a cute baby!!
Reuben is a star student! He listens well and likes to play ball and other fun games with his school mates.
Reuben even puts up with us dressing him up for holiday pictures! He said he wasn't excited about all of the red and pink for this photo shoot but would do it anyway. You're such a good sport Reuben!
Reuben says his favorite holiday is Christmas. He loves getting presents from Santa Paws. He hopes this year he can dress up like Santa Paws and not a reindog or elf.
But his favorite time of year is the fall. He says the color of the leaves look nice with his coloring. He also likes the cool, crisp air. Summers in Atlanta can be dog-gone HOT!!
If you need fashion advice, Reuben is the pup to ask! He says there is never a reason to NOT look nice. He says that it is always important to make a good first impression and you never know who you might meet!
Reuben likes to keep in shape. He says the ladies like it. One of his favorite activities on a nice day is to take a hike with his mom and dad.
Reuben likes to unwind at the end of a busy day with a Gin and Tonic at his favorite local bar. Don't worry, he might be 3 in dog years but he is 21 in people years!
Thanks for making us smile Reuben. Everyone at Bark ATL loves you!!
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