Here at Bark ATL we care about the health of your dog. In order for your fur kid to participate in Daycare or Boarding we require they be current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella. These are usually done yearly but some veterinarians may offer 3 year Rabies and Distemper vaccines. The Bordatella vaccine is done every six months or yearly. Ask your vet which option is best for your pet.
Rabies is probably the most well known of all of the viruses. Transmission of the disease almost always occurs as a result of an infected animal biting a non-infected animal. Vaccination is the best way to prevent infection and properly vaccinated animals stand very little chance of contracting the disease. While relatively rare in humans, the risk of contracting it and the outcome of the disease make taking precautions with wild animals and vaccination of domestic ones essential.
Canine Distemper virus in the dog can affect a wide range of organs including the skin, brain, eyes, intestinal and respiratory tracts. The virus is transmitted through the air through coughing by infected animals and also through body secretions such as urine. Dogs of any age can be affected, however, most are puppies less than 6 months of age. Excellent vaccines with minimal side effects are available to give to puppies and dogs of every age. The vaccinations should be boostered for the life of the animal.
Bordetella, also known as Kennel Cough, is a widespread disease caused by several different viruses and bacteria and is highly contagious in dogs. The most common symptom is a dry hacking cough sometimes followed by retching. Many owners describe the cough as having a 'honking sound.' This disease is commonly treated with antibiotics. Chances are that if your dog is regularly vaccinated with a standard vaccine, he is already being protected. However, these vaccines alone rarely provide protection against contracting the disease, although they will help reduce the severity of the disease if the animal becomes infected.
The above information was found here and should only be used as an informational tool. If you have any questions about these or other vaccines please contact your veterinarian. No advice is better than the the kind given to you by your vet!
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