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As we are getting ready to officially enter into Summer on Wednesday, June 21st, many of our favorite fruits and vegetables are reaching their peak. Ripe blueberries and juicy peaches and refreshing watermelon, oh my! And who can resist crunchy cucumbers, plump tomatoes or subtle zucchini as great sides to a delicious summer meal?


It’s no wonder why The United States Department of Agriculture declares the month of June as “National Fruits and Vegetables Month.”


So just as any responsible and loving pet parent would, you’re probably wondering if any of these foods could be just as nutritionally beneficial to your pet. Well, you’re in luck.


Made up of some of the top fruits and vegetables that humans enjoy, we’ve compiled a brief list of foods that dogs can and can’t eat this summer with the help of The American Kennel Club, and MSPCA Angell.


(Disclaimer: Moderation is key. Even too much of a good thing can have adverse affects! The foods on this list are only intended to be additions to your pet’s normal diet/dog food. Please consult with your veterinarian/trained professional on how certain fruits and vegetables will affect your furry family member prior to feeding.)


BBlueberries: Dogs can eat blueberries! AKC says that blueberries “are a superfood rich in antioxidants…packed with fiber and Vitamin C”. #BlueberryTreatTime


A Asparagus: Though dogs technically can eat asparagus, improper digestion can lead to gas-tly consequences. Read more about asparagus for dogs here.


RRaspberries: Two paws up! Dogs can eat raspberries. There are 85.5 grams per 100 grams of water, which makes them a paw-fect hydrating snack.


KKale: High in calcium oxalate, you may want to reconsider feeding you dog kale.


AApples: Paws-itively delicious. Try apples with peanut butter for the perfect “Who’s a good dog?” reward.


TTomatoes: No fried green tomatoes for Rex or Bella. Acidity, alpha-tomatine and coordinaton loss are all scary words that come up when we talk about a dog’s consumption of tomatoes. While tomatoes aren’t toxic for dogs, the cons seem to overweigh the pros.


L Lettuce: Let us tell you that lettuce is a cool snack for your pup. Though there isn’t much nutritional value for them, they’ll appreciate the contrast of texture and flavor from their normal dog food.


Okay, we couldn't resist the acronym (Bark ATL) in selecting our top choices above; but, here are some more foods your dog will enjoy: bananas, pineapples, peaches (remove the pit) and watermelon (remove the seeds).


While all of the above are good options for your dog.  Not all fruits and vegatables are.  Some that should be avoided at all costs include cherries, chocolate, grapes, avocados.


We’d love to hear what fruits and veggies your dog loves to eat as snacks! Use the hashtags #MyDogEats and #BarkEATS to lettuce know!


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