Can I Eat That? Please say yes.

In this Bark Blog, we're going to discuss three of not only America's favorite treats, but three of the South's most sought after, indulged in and craved for sweets.




As you're probably already aware, dogs cannot eat chocolate, but do you know why?  The answer is theobromine. From causing upset stomach to vomiting, seizures and internal bleeding, theobromine is like poison to dogs and should be avoided at all costs.  While different kinds of chocolate contain different amounts of theobromine, we recommend that you avoid giving your dog any and all chocolates.  If you suspect that your dog consumed chocolate, call your vet immediately.


However, a great substitute for chocolate is carob! Though it looks much like chocolate, it has a nutty flavor.  Carob has nutritionally value as well. It is high in fiber, caffeine-free, low in sugar/fat, gluten-free and, most importantly, does not contain theobromine.


Banana Pudding?


Ahh, a Southern icon. We know from our last Bark ATL "Can My Dog Eat THAT?" Blog  that dogs can enjoy bananas. With 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 3 ripe bananas, 3/4 cup of honey, 2 tbsp of flour and 2 cups of almond milk, you can take your pup's banana appreciation to the next level. Here's the recipe for you and your dog to indulge in!


Ice Cream?


Well if I scream, you scream, it's a good chance your dog might scream for ice cream. A vanilla scoop could be all it takes to make your dog's day go from good to great! But not just any vanilla scoop will work. If you want to share the screaming joy of ice cream with your dog, it would be best if it were dog ice cream. Although you may be able to find Frosty Paws, Puppy Scoops or Puppy Chillerz at a retailer near you or online, you can also check out your nearest dog bakery! (Bark ATL's local favorite is Taj Ma-Hound !)


Does your fur child have a birthday coming up?   We offer doggy ice cream and more at Bark ATL with our birthday package!



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