Hi Everyone! I'm Maggie (on the left) & I'm Millie (on the right). We are sisters & we're already BIG fans of BARK ATL! We love to come to the slumber parties and socialize with everyone. I play really hard (Millie), because I'm a puppy and I have TONS of energy! I like to hang out and watch (Maggie), but Millie is wild and she makes me laugh. I'm more of the motherly one, and I like to take care of everyone. We both love BARK ATL, so we joined BARK ATL's Facebook page as "fans"! You can, too! It's easy to become a fan! Just go to your Facebook page (or create one!) and search for BARK ATL! You can also find the BARK ATL Facebook badge (it looks like the logo at the top of this post) on the home page of BARK's website. We'll see you there! In the meantime, I need a nap! - Millie I'll keep you warm. - Maggie