Rosie & Maggie napping

Hello Humans! My name is Rosie and I'm a beagle. I go to Bark ATL almost every day and love every minute of it. I'm always one of the first ones to arrive in the morning, so that I can start playing as soon as possible! My favorite thing about going to daycare is that I get to wrestle with my friends all day- like Bailey, the Jack Russell, and Willis, the Schipperke. I also really love showing off my big beagle bark whenever it's time for the little dogs to go outside. Maggie, the Dachshund, is my absolute best best friend. She's JUST like a big sister to me! Early in the day, we wrestle and play together really hard. Then, when I get tired and am ready to take a nap, Maggie lays down with me and keeps me warm and cozy. No matter what, Maggie always takes care of me and has my back. I love my best friend, Maggie, and I love Bark ATL!