BOARDING REMINDERS for the Cage-FREEdom Holiday! (and any other day!)

4th of july dogs


Reservations are a MUST!

1) We will be VERY busy during holiday boarding - please make your reservation early for 4th of July and any boarding stay. You can make your boarding reservation online by clicking HERE.


Peak Charges

2) Please note there will be a $5.00 peak holiday fee added to most holiday boarding. Click HERE for full list when peak charges apply.


Curbside Check In

3) For your added convenience, our managers will be outside in the back parking lot to check you in during busy boarding holidays (and busy weekends, too). We want you to have face time with managers so that any and all of your valuable questions can be addressed and answered for ultimate peace of mind during your dog's stay.


What to Bring (and what NOT to bring)!

4) Please do not bring large bags of dog food during your stay. We encourage you to bring a plastic container with your dogs name clearly taped / affixed onto it. Dog food bags are large, heavy and prone to ripping. We want your dog's food to be fresh and easy to store in our food room!

When you board, we only need food & medicine. Please do not bring toys, beds, dog bowls or extra supplies with you. We assure you we have everything needed to make your dog comfy and happy!


Cancellation Fees

6) We are limited on space and fill up quickly during holidays. If you cancel within 5 days of your reservation, we will charge you one night of boarding (per dog) cancellation fee ($40.00). For this reason, every boarding dog must have a credit card on file to ensure your spot.


Facility Hours

7) Please be aware of our facility hours and make arrangements to drop off and pick up your dog within our operating hours (we are staffed 24/7, but only allow drop offs and pick ups during "open" hours). As a reminder, we are open 7am-7pm M-F and 9am-6pm Sat-Sun.


PLEASE CALL for day care appointment on busy holiday weekends. Day Care will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY during SAT-SUN on 4th of July weekend!
Thank you for your careful attention to these policies. We at BARK ATL will make your dog's boarding stay a fun, safe and memorable experience! Please help us to ensure the safety and happiness of every dog in our cage-FREE facility by following our guidelines. Thank you! WOOF, WOOF!

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