Summer is right around the corner and I'm sure a vacation is on your mind. Wondering what to do with the fur kids?? Board them with us! Most facilities cage their dogs at night and everyone leaves the building. At BARK ATL, we offer completely cage-free boarding with a staff member on site 24/7. We are a smaller facility, so we don't have 100 dogs boarding a night - we average about 15-20 dogs a night, so your dog won't be "lost in the pack". The dogs sleep in the same area they play in during the day. We bring out the fluffy beds and blankets, dim the lights and turn on soft music. The dogs are tired after a long day of play so they are relaxed & ready to curl up with their friends, next to their friends, or in a comfy corner by themselves. It's about as close to being at home as you can get!
We have created a boarding form to make the check in process easy. Just print, fill it out and bring it in with you when you drop off your pup. Please take advantage of our valet barking, too. When you arrive, pull up to the back of the building and a staff member will come out and take your pup in to play with his/her friends. What should you bring?? Since we provide beds, blankets and toys the only thing you need to bring is your pups food and favorite treats.
Only dogs that pass the temperament test at BARK ATL are allowed to board with us. We have ZERO tolerance for aggression of any kind. Rest assured that your dog is playing during the day & sleeping at night with ONLY very sociable, non-aggressive, sweet dogs!
If you have any questions about boarding your pet with us please feel free to comment below, email us at or you can do it the old fashioned way and call us at 404-688-2275!
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