"This is our new friend, Norman, playing in the pool! Jake is checking it out, too."
Spring is just around the corner at Bark ATL, and all of the dogs are absolutely loving the warmer weather this week. I'm sure they all enjoyed last month's snow day, but now they're ready to soak up some sunshine in the upcoming months. The weather has been so nice, we've all been spending a LOT of time outside. No matter how excited and playful the dogs are when inside, the second they get outside, they all just want to lay out, relax in the sun, and smell the breeze. Madison and Presley especially love laying out in the grass. They must think they're getting a tan! This week was so nice, we even got to splash in the pool one day. That's a real treat for us, especially in early March! I can't wait until it gets warm enough to turn on our water misters outside. We love finding fun ways to help your pup beat the heat and we look forward to a cool, play-filled Spring (and Summer!) with all of our canine friends.
- Emily
P.S. Happy Birthday Toby! We love you and had so much fun throwing you a party yesterday. I know all your friends enjoyed celebrating with you, too! The pictures turned out so cute. They're already posted on the website at www.barkatl.com
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