According to NASA, August 2016 broke the record for the hottest month ever recorded. But you didn't need any statistics to tell you how hot it can get in Hotlanta during the summer. That's why it is important for you to take extra steps in ensuring that your dog is well-hydrated during this time. Here are three tips to help keep your dog calm, cool and hydrated:

Give more water.

Like humans, a dog's body is majority water and when it's hot out, dogs tend to lose it little more rapidly than we do. If you can, try to monitor your dog's water bowl and see if and when it needs cleaning and refilling. If you normally put water out early in the morning, try refilling it around noon and once again before their last potty break of the day.

Ice cubes.

If you're unable to add in extra water fills, try putting ice cubes in the water bowl when you do pour them. You can even feed the ice cubes to your dog. They don't understand that ice cubes are just water in frozen form; all they see are slippery new things to play with. You get points for being a responsible and fun paw-rent.

Pool time!

The Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences School at Texas A&M University published an article about a dog's hydration habits and things to consider if you want your dog to enjoy a pool with you! If you weren't thinking about sharing a pool with Fido, we've got good news. At BarkATL, we've got a pool out back specifically for the purpose of letting our dogs frolic and cool down. A dog's skin and pores are similar, yet so much different than our own so they absorb moisture differently than we do. When's the last time you put lotion on your dog? Letting your dog play in our pool or even purchasing a kiddie pool for yourself is a great way to keep your dog cool this summer. 


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