Halloween Dog Makeup by Anais

Ready for Halloween with Your Furbaby?

Halloween is right around the corner, and as much as humans love figuring out their costumes, you can now easily extend the fun to your furry friends! We are putting together a list of quick Do-It-Yourself Halloween Dog Costumes to inspire you and get your creative mind going. 

We also know it can be hard getting your pets to stay in clothes if they are not accustomed to it; that is why we want maximum comfort for these outfits! 


Easy Do-It-Yourself Halloween Dog Costumes Comfy for Your Pet

This list will include adorable and minimalist outfits for wearability and comfort sake so that you can get more than a photo and hopefully show off your pup’s cute costumes to all the neighborhood.

  • Pilot: All you need to get soaring is a red scarf and goggles. You may already have both of these items in your home, but if not, you can stop by the thrift store for a scarf and perhaps get some inexpensive goggles at your local TJ Maxx or Ross. Consider using dog goggles for this costume since they may fit more comfortably. You can elevate this costume if you have extra items on hand to create a pilot’s cap! Model your DIY after this costume from Amazon.

  • Ghost: This Halloween costume is a classic because it is easy to execute. Find an old sheet or pillowcase and neatly cut out two holes for eyes, these holes should be about twice the size of your dog's eyes. Next, cut out a larger hole for your dog’s nose so they can breathe easily. It is also a good idea to cut out holes for your dog’s ears. If you are using a big sheet, you may want to cut the back so that the sheet ends at your dog’s collar so that they have more mobility and do not get as hot and uncomfortable.

  • French Chef: This look requires a bit more craftsmanship! If you have a red bandanna around, that will work perfectly for the neckerchief. You can fold up the pointed end, so that doesn’t poke through. After that just tie the bandanna normally or into a bow and move it to the side. For the chef hat, you will need white tissue paper, cardstock, and an elastic cord. Check out these simple instructions from hobbiesonabudget.com for perfecting this costume. Bon appetit! 

iIllustration from hobbiesonabudget.com

  • Jet Pack: If you love all things outer space, you’ll probably have a great time making this costume for your furry friend! This idea comes from Costume Works, and all it requires are two empty soda bottles, gray or silver acrylic paint or spray paint, orange, yellow, and red tissue paper. As shown in the photo below, you can add extra detail by creating a logo to place on the bottles. The jet pack can be attached to your dog’s harness using duct tape and you’re ready for take-off!

  • Black Bat: A bat costume is not only easy to make, but it’s also super lightweight for your pets! The materials you might need to buy include black fleece, black Velcro, black felt,16-gauge wire and iron-on adhesive. The rest of the materials you’ll probably be able to find in your home. Take a look at this next set of simply amazing instructions from DIY Network.  Also, if you need help drawing the wings, download this printable pattern from Alex Lynn Crafts. 

  • Transform your pet with a safe paint makeover: You can turn your furry friend into anything with pet-safe paint! Great ideas for Halloween include skeletons and tigers. You can get super creative and Bark ATL actually offers creative grooming done by our grooming manager, Anais. We offer this service using non-toxic and safe products during the process. 

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If you would like to learn more creative holiday painting techniques check out our blog by Anais.  You can also find out more about our creative grooming services by calling us at 404-688-2275 or visit our website. We are also offering a Halloween photoshoot special for any pups boarding with us in the month of October. And don't forget to tag your do-it-yourself dog costumes to @bark_atl on Instagram!

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