Our Groomer Anais showing how to properly trim a dogs nails.


Why Should Your Dog's Nails Be Trimmed? 

Dog nail trimming with a nail dremel should be performed once a month or as needed. The reason your dog's nails should be trimmed is to ensure their health and protection. In this article, I will explain the importance of this grooming procedure. When your dog’s nails appear to be curling or making loud tapping noises as they walk, it is time for their nails to be trimmed.   



What are the Benefits of Nail Trimming?


You may wonder why getting your dog’s nails trimmed is even a requirement. Well, like us humans we require grooming to our own fingernails and toenails to ensure the proper usage of our hands and feet. Maintaining clean and healthy nails is essential to daily productivity. Here are a few key points to help you understand why having your dog’s nails trimmed is a necessity:


  • Prevents Snagging - Nail trimming prevents the dog’s paws from snagging on fabrics such as clothing, rugs and furniture. These snags don’t just ruin these items but it also can create damage due to the nails tearing and ripping into those materials. 


  • Prevents Catches - Proper nail care prevents the nails from getting caught on debris such as cracks in pavements and stairs. If they get caught due to the nails being too long it can cause toe injury or permanent loss of the whole nail. When this happens your dog will go through a great deal of pain. 


  • Prevents Overgrowth - It is important to prevent the nails from overgrowth which can cause the nails to curl into their paws and seep into their skin. With having shorter nails, it makes walking for them less difficult as well and helps with them not being too sharp when they scratch you or themselves. 


What are the Benefits of Getting Your Dog’s Nails Professionally Trimmed?

When it comes to dog grooming, you want them to look and feel their best.  A part of looking good means them having strong, healthy and durable nails. It is important to stick to a normal routine for their nail care. There are benefits to helping them with that part of their lifestyle. 


  • Your dog will see getting their nails trimmed as a way of life.



  • Repetitive nail trims will push the quicks back leaving the dogs nails naturally much shorter over time. 


  • Lower chances of self inflicted injuries from scratching themselves due to sharpness. 


  • Reduces chances of wear and tear to fabrics and household materials. 


Anais's Recommendations

It is recommended that you always get your dog’s nails trimmed by a professional verses doing it yourself. Consequently, trimming your dog's nails incorrectly can cause injuries. Building trust with your dog is very important; therefore, improper cutting of the nails may cause mistrust from your dog for future nails trims. 


Cutting the nails too close to the root may cause them to loose their entire nail. If you attempt grinding the nails you must clear away any loose hairs around their paws; as well, as their body hair so that their hair doesn’t twist up into the grinder. As a result, if the hair gets twisted up in the grinder it will cause hair loss. Using a grinder on their nails may cause an uncomfortable burning sensation near the blood vessel when your grinding too long and too close to the quick. If a nail is quicked your dog will bleed and you may not feel secure in trying to stop the bleeding so attempting this nail trimming procedure may not be what’s best for you to do yourself. 


So make an appointment, as well as future appointments to help them stay accustomed to the procedure as well as know that it’s part of their healthy lifestyle. 

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