Why DIY Dog Toys?

Many dog owners may feel like their dogs go through their toys way too fast. Others may feel like dog toys can be expensive to keep replacing. Dog toys are a necessity for keeping your dogs happy and healthy, so luckily, there are plenty of dog toys that are easy to make at home. When making your pup’s toys, it’s crucial to check for damages and make sure they are safe for playing. Therefore, follow these steps for making easy do-it-yourself dog toys that your pet will be sure to love you!


Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Dog Toys

In this list, you’ll find easy-to-make tours that you can assemble out of things you probably already have in your home! No need to run errands and spend money on these DIYs.

  • Ice Sock - This first toy is super simple to make and will keep your playful pup busy for a good 45 minutes. All you need are two socks that you no longer wear! When you have your socks tie, them into a knot and wet them with water. After squeezing them out, put them in the fridge and come back in about 2 hours. An ice sock makes for a great chew toy! After about 45 minutes, you can put it back in the fridge or disassemble it and make it again later. 

  • Plastic Bottle Toy - This toy might be a classic when someone thinks of when making your pet toys but dogs love it! Re-using a plastic bottle for this toy is a great way to save plastic and money. All you need is some old fabric that you can securely tie on both ends to cover the plastic. This toy can last for hours or a few days of entertainment.

  • Denim Knot - All you need for this resourceful toy is an old pair of jeans! You can cut the jeans as long as you want according to the size of your dog. This toy will work for tug of war or as a chew toy. Make sure no buttons or sequence that could be harmful to your pets are on your toy.

  • Tennis Ball Treat Dispenser - Only three household items are needed to make this DIY dog toy. Grab any tennis ball, a treat, and a knife, and you’re pretty much finished! All you need to do is create a small slit in the tennis ball with the knife. After you’ve done that, place a few treats inside and toss the ball! Since tennis balls are hollow and flexible, they make for a fun challenge for your furry friend.

  • Tennis Ball Muffin Pan Puzzle - This last at home DIY is also super entertaining and straightforward, only containing a few items. All you’ll need for this is a few cans of tennis balls, treats, and a muffin pan. You can keep your already cut tennis ball and fill it with treats. Once you’ve done that, place the rest of the tennis balls in the remaining holes in the pan. This puzzle is a fun challenge that gets your dog searching for the tennis ball with treats inside!



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