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Now that you have welcomed a dog that best suits you and your family it is now time to consider what type of haircut you want for them. Knowing your dog needs to be groomed is one thing you are sure of, but knowing what style they need is something you may be unsure of. When determining the right haircut for your dog there are a few factors you want to consider: 


  • Do I want my dogs hair long?
  • Do I want my dogs hair cut short?
  • Will I be able to maintain a style I choose?
  • Do I like the style I have chosen? 
  • Are there other styles I’m unaware of? 


What is the best haircut for your dog?

When it comes to choosing the haircut you want to consider if the style you desire is comfortable for your dog.  Some styles may involve a lot of heavy coat that may be too hot for your dog to carry. 


Some styles may be difficult for you to maintain with brushing and combing which can cause the coat to become damaged. You may find that a style you have chosen for your dog may not be a style you can continue to have for them due to coat change and overheating due to aging. Because you are trying to decide what works best, it may take a few visits to your groomer to find the right style that works. 


Seasonal Change determines the proper haircut

During the season changes you may want your dogs hair length to be longer or shorter depending on the weather. During the colder months you may want your dog's hair to be left longer in length to help with the cold. When your dog's coat is left long It is important to keep your dog combed and brushed regularly to avoid tangles and matts in their coat. 


Be careful when dressing them in sweaters, you want to be sure to not leave them on for long periods of time so that you do not cause their coat to tangle as well as to provide proper coat and skin circulation. 


If you decide to cut your dog's coat short for the warmer months be careful that your dog is not exposed to too much sun. Too much sun can cause sunburn and hot spots so just monitor them to make sure that that particular hairstyle is working for them. 


Seasonal haircuts give you the ability to switch up their coats lengths to better accommodate the change in climate. 


Your dog being a specific breed can determine their hair style 


There are hundreds of different dog breeds. Your dog for example may be a toy breed such a Yorkshire Terrier. There are several styles you can have for the breed. You may find that you like the hair on their legs to be left longer than the hair on their body. You may prefer that the hair all over their body be kept short. Not all breeds have several style opinions but you get to play around with different style techniques till you find the best one that suits you and your dog. 


You may have dogs that don't require styling at all due to the type of breed they are. Some breeds that have flat coats require little to no styling at all. These are following breeds that meet that criteria:


  • Chihuahua
  • Labrador 
  • Pointers
  • Staffordshire 


Personality Hairstyles 

The fun part of having your dog is that they are all unique. Every haircut does not have to be traditional, your dog has their own unique personality and their haircut should match. You may want to have your dog receive a style unlike regular haircuts such as


  • mohawk 
  • long beard
  • tasseled ears
  • boots/pom-poms
  • ponytail


There are also fun accessories you can add to boost their style such as applying safe and non-toxic hair dye and hair bows. Be careful not to leave hair bows in too long, leaving the bows in for too long can cause tangles and coat damage so they should be removed after a week. 


Other accessories that can be added to your dog's personality haircut include:


  • jewel bling
  • feather extensions
  • eye lashes 
  • bow ties 
  • bandanas 
  • nail polish 


Choosing hairstyles for your dog can be both fun and rewarding. In the end no matter what you may desire it is more important to consider what works best for your dog's overall comfortability and health.

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