Today was a big day for little Rudy! He turned three! The birthday boy was outfitted with a fashionable, trendy birthday bandanna, and all of the girls swooned when he came in the room! Rosie was particularly infatuated with the birthday boy. Everyone got a birthday hat and enjoyed doggy cup cakes and doggy ice cream. There were balloons and all the makings of a great party. The VIP list included Wesley the Westie, Rosie the Beagle, Leo and Remy the Yorkies, and of course, the princess of the party Miss Ginger Belle.

"After cup cakes & ice cream, we all played on the playground and took turns running down the slide. It was the best birthday a dog could ask for - and I made a birthday wish to have my best friends with me for every birthday!" yapped Rudy with excitement.

By the end of the day, there were full bellies and tired dogs. It was a dog-gone good time. Happy Birthday, Rudy. You really know how to throw a party!

Much love, BARK ATL staff
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