Hi! I'm Wesley & I had a birthday party today at BARK ATL! It was so fun - all my friends joined me, including Anderson Cooper-Monkey, Rosie, Pupi, Quincy and Prada. We all had a blast! Everyone was so excited to have doggy cupcakes and ice cream. I got my belly rubbed and played my favorite game - chase the tennis ball. I have been coming to BARK ATL since it opened, and I am a real spit-fire little guy. I love to watch out for squirrels in the back yard and chase them away! I also love to bark at the big dogs, but as long as I'm playing ball, nothing else matters! I hope everyone enjoyed my party today. I think they did, because there are so many pictures where all my friends are eating cupcakes and smiling. In the last picture of the set, Pupi is smiling so big. Today was just the best day ever! Thanks, BARK ATL! See you next week!

PS - Check out the picture of my party - you'll laugh!