Hi Everyone and Happy Turkey Day!

We have a full house this Thanksgiving, and today is Turkey Day! We are hosting 24 big dogs and 8 little dogs this weekend, and we are having so much fun! The webcams are on for special holiday hours, so you can still see the dogs playing all weekend!

Here are some Thanksgiving "wagging tales" for you:
Piglet and Sadie Roo are being very sweet, and they love everyone!
Bugs is dog tired and enjoying lounging on a hammock, while we've got the Christmas music softly serenading him to sweet sleep.
Ozzy and Jake are all fired up, and they are having a blast!
Maggie and Millie are sleeping close, keeping each other company just as sisters do.
Coco has made many new friends, and she loves chasing and playing with them.
Max and Nicole are in love, and Lola is a lap girl.
Cooper (Monkey) never stops moving (except when he finally passes out!).
Bogie is being very affectionate and loving toward everyone, giving everybody kisses.
Pippin is SO tired, he can't keep his eyes open!
Riley Riddle is being a good boy - he loves the ladies...
Sam Chen just wants to be loved and petted, and Nessie is playing and having fun!

All the dogs are being wonderfully sweet, and we are having a good time with this bunch. We will be sure to give everyone an extra Thanksgiving treat at dinner time!

Warm wishes for a happy, safe, fun Thanksgiving Day!

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