Sandy O'Donnell has one of the sweetest faces you'll ever see, and when she first started visiting Bark ATL two years ago, the whole staff immediately fell in love. One look at those big, sweet brown eyes, and we were all smitten! Of course, Sandy loved the attention, and was almost always at a staff person's side relishing in the extra ear scratches. But she was just a little shy around the other dogs at first. She just preferred human company, and with all the attention we gave her, who could blame her? We decided that she would be perfect in the little dog room, where she could chase a tennis ball whenever she wanted and always be near a human's lap.

Over time, she started coming out of her shell -- and then, Sandy got her groove back! The former shy girl has totally transformed into a social butterfly, spending her days at Bark playing chase, wrestling, and just having a great time. Bella, our sweet little beagle puppy, became infatuated with Sandy from the first time they met, and
it took no time at all for Sandy to be dashing around Little Pup Lane, chasing Bella in and out of the play cube. Bella seems to have brought out Sandy's inner puppy! Another one of Sandy's BFFs is Lucy, an adorable little spaniel mix puppy who loves to chase the red rubber bouncy ball with Sandy.
We loved watching Sandy come out of her shell and become a puppy again! Of course, she's still just as sweet as ever, and always willing to curl up next to you for lots of loving. But only after a good wrestling match with one of her best friends!
We caught Sandy's wildness on video recently -- check her out below!