How To Adopt A Dog


For many potential new dog "parents", adopting a dog can be a tedious yet adventurous experience. During the process, it may seem complicated.  In this post, the team at Bark ATL , downtown Atlanta's  only cage-free overnight dog boarding facility, shares our suggested steps that you should take when adopting a dog to make it so much easier for you.


  • Decide If You Want To Adopt From A Shelter or Rescue


Most people are unaware of the differences between an animal shelter and rescue facility. Animal shelters include public shelters like city & county animal shelters, animal control, police & health departments, and dog wardens which are usually called "pounds."  Animal rescues are usually pets in foster homes or private boarding facilities, typically run by volunteers.  Many times, you might find animal rescues at local pet stores when they host adoption events.


  • Research The Dog That You Want


Before you go to the shelter or rescue, make sure you do thorough research. Check online for your local animal shelter or rescue adoption listings. Create a list of your favorite dogs for potential adoption.


  • Reach Out To The Shelter or Rescue


Once you have created your list of dogs to adopt, check to see their availability. Take time out to call or email the shelters or rescues to verify the availability of the dog that you want. Once you have done this, schedule an appointment to meet with the dog.


  • Go Through The Screening and Adoption Process


After meeting your dog and falling in love, it is now time to finalize your decision. If you go through a shelter, the process is much faster after you choose the dog you want. Generally, all you have to do is fill out some paperwork and pay an adoption fee. With an animal rescue, you typically first have to be approved through their special screening process and pay an adoption fee as well.


  • Take Your Pup Home


Now that you have finalized your dog's adoption, you are free to go home and enjoy each other's company.