The last year has been extremely difficult for a lot of us and our animals. Many of us adjusted to working from home, with limited contact with the rest of the community. However, for our pets, many of them were enthralled with all of the attention and love they received from us adapting to a sheltering-in-place lifestyle. So, what happens when we return back to work? 

Our animals certainly enjoyed all of the extra time with us at home more often, but as we return back to the work office, will our pets understand the sudden decrease in quality time with them?


How to Make Things Easier on Your Pet

Regardless of if you recently adopted a pet during the pandemic or if your pet has been a family member for some time now, after spending a year adjusting to the work-from-home lifestyle, returning back to the office will be a major adjustment for them. 

Since this might be overwhelming for your pet, one could begin this adjustment process by getting out of the house for short periods of time. Whether it be to run a 15-minute errand or an hour-long grocery store trip, it is important to start small because your pet has become accustomed to your work-from-home lifestyle. Not only does this reinforce the idea that you will always come back for your pet after an extended period of time, but it also introduces the idea of you leaving more frequently. 

If you have some time before returning back to the office, you can still begin to prepare your pet for when it is time to return to an in-office work style. Animals are very cognizant of their surroundings, meaning if you bring a briefcase to work or put on specific work clothes, your pet likely associates those behaviors with the extended period of time that they are left alone while you are in office. One can start by beginning these behaviors (i.e. putting on work clothes, bringing your briefcase, etc.) before returning to the office, so that your pet is properly prepared for your future, regular absence.