The cold winter weather in Georgia can limit the enjoyable outdoor activities available to dog owners and their pets. Many owners might want to cut back on how often they are walking or exercising their dogs, but there are still options that don’t have to sacrifice your dog’s health. It’s important that your furry friend maintains their health and fitness in the colder months, so we’ve created an article based on how to keep your dog fit and healthy during the winter.

  • Walks

Walking your dog should not be eliminated during the winter, but the time of the walk should be shortened. Walking your dog keeps them burning calories as well as providing for an excellent mental exercise. Dog’s love to explore new sights and scents, so this activity should always be made a priority. Make sure you bundle up, so you are comfortable enough to endure the walk. Some dogs are not built to withstand the cold, so it’s best to dress them appropriately depending on the severity of the weather. If there is snow and ice, you will want to find some dog booties and a comfortable sweater. It’s best to be aware of when the coldest part of the day will be so you can avoid walking during that time.

  • Indoor Games

Hide and seek is a great game that you can play inside and also get other family members involved. Hide from your pet when they are unaware and call their name. You can do this for several rounds and have another family member distract your dog while someone else hides. Be sure to have treats on hand for when your dog succeeds in finding you!

Tug-of-war is another game that can easily be played inside and can burn a lot of your pets’ energy. Make sure you have a lot of room to play, so you or your pet do not get hurt. Also, be aware that dogs can get rambunctious or possibly aggressive when engaging in tug-of-war, so it is a good idea to take breaks.

  • Set Up a Play Date

Organizing a puppy play date is a great way to have your dog socialize. Invite a friend who has a friendly pup over to keep each other entertained for a few hours. Make sure you’ve got plenty of space to let them move around. You can even set out some chew toys, but make sure you are near your dogs so they can be supervised, especially if the dogs are first being introduced. Sometimes dogs don’t always get along or can get aggressive with certain activities.

Doggy daycare is an excellent option for your dog to socialize, exercise, and stay healthy all in one. Being indoors at playtime allows your dog to avoid the cold and release a lot of energy. At Bark ATL, we offer cage-free facilities where your dog can have playtime and socialize in a pack. Pups at Bark ATL are always supervised, and you can even watch them on the Bark Cams during the day. A staff member is still on deck to offer affection and interaction. You can learn more about Bark ATL here.

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