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How to Introduce your Dog to Your New Baby


It’s exciting to have an additional member join your loving family. But this also means there will be a shift in routines, and this may confuse your furry friend. Bringing your new baby home for the first time and introducing the baby to the existing pets in your home can be stressful. However, with a few tips and some preparation, it can be a breeze.


Prepare Your Dog for the Sounds/Smells of a Baby

This may seem silly, but try to use a realistic baby doll that moves and makes noise like a human baby. This will prepare your dog for what a real baby will sound and look like. Make a habit of praising and rewarding your dog when she is polite, calm, and well collected around the baby. Also, put some baby oil/powder on your skin before your baby’s arrival so your pet will become familiar to the new smells.


Stay Positive and Aware of your Energy

Prior to your baby’s arrival, your furry friend has probably already sensed that something’s up. A pregnancy will affect the entire household. It’s important to remember that your dog will habitually mirror your emotions. Try to stay positive and less worried and anxious.


Establish Some Boundaries Around the Nursery

Begin to teach your dog to understand that she may not enter the nursery without your permission. She must know that the baby’s space should be respected at all times.


Let Them Get Familiar

As your newborn baby enters the exploratory state, allow the two to get to know each other and make sure to supervise the interactions. This is your opportunity to teach your child to treat your dog right by not yanking her tail, etc. The two should establish mutual respect for one another and you should give them both proper instructions to treat each other right.


Don’t Neglect Your Dog

Try your best to maintain the routine with your dog by taking her on her daily walks and consistent leadership. Make sure that your dog feels OK about the new addition to the family. Before you bring your baby home, you should try to prepare your dog for the inevitable change in attention that she will receive once the baby arrives. Make a conscious effort to gradually shorten the amount of attention you give your dog and slowly make small schedule changes. That way, your dog will be prepared when the baby arrives and will not be in shock from the big change.


Keep in mind that your furry friend was your very first “baby” in the household. Therefore, she may experience some feelings of jealousy or sibling rivalry when your baby arrives. With proper training and supervision, your new baby and your dog should be able to live together safely as a happy family.

dog and baby

How To Introduce Your Dog To Your New Baby

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