Yesterday was Bailey's 4th birthday and we were super excited to host her birthday bask atBark ATL! Once our girl was dressed in her birthday outfit it was time to get this party started.
Bailey wanted to make sure all of her closest friends were in attendance. Our party goers were Sebastian:
His sister Emma:
Max B:
Bella G:
And Raisin!
Once all of the guests were in attendance it was time to par-tay!
We had a wild bunch! Little Raisin thought her hat would be more fun if she carried it around.
And our birthday girl wanted to turn her party into a pool party! Unfortunately nobody brought their bathing suits.
The party simmered down when we brought out the Lick-A-Lots!
They all go crazy for ice cream.
Sebastian wasn't sure about it at first but after he saw his sister devour hers he cleaned his dish!
But most importantly, our birthday girl loved it!
Bella was the first one to smell the pupcakes!
After we all sang Happy Birthday to Bailey it was time to enjoy the yummy baked goodness that are pupcakes!
I think she likes them!
Sebastian sure does!
And so does Emma!
I think it's pretty safe to say that they all likes the pupcakes. Thanks Aunt Bre for making them!
Bailey wants to thank everyone for making her birthday party a hit! It's so nice to have such great friends. Kisses!!

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