It's time for another exciting round of meet Bark ATL's staff!! Today we bring you aimee. She spells her name with a lowercase a and it is pronounced Em-Aye. aimee has been with Bark ATL for almost a year and helps care for both the little and big dogs.
aimee is owned by two dogs, Keyser Soze:
And Lev Trotsky (below). aimee also has two cats, Benny and Emma.
aimee loves her job because she likes meeting dogs with BIG personalities and bonding with them. aimee is currently in grooming school and we hope she will soon be showcasing her skills here at Bark ATL!
When she is not at Bark ATL aimee loves to eat, write, and talk politics.  She speaks three languages; English, French, and Kinyarwanda. aimee is from Rwanda and moved to the USA from Zambia in 99. We are happy to have you with us at Bark ATL!