It's time to find out a little bit more about one of our staff members! Today we will get to know Alann. Alann has been with Bark ATL for about a year. You know him as the guy with the big colorful hat. Alann takes care of all of the pups and is one of our overnight staffers. He HATES the camera and hides every time I pull it out. I was able to sneak a few pictures of him when he wasn't looking!
Alann is great with both the big and little dog group. He likes playing with the big dogs because you can be more rough with them.
But Alann also likes to chill with the little pups. He says it is nice to have some down time and cuddle with a little one from time to time.
Alann has two dogs, Baby Gurrl and Haitian (seen below).
I LOVE THIS DOG!! Seriously, how could you not?? He is the sweetest, cutest pitt ever.
Alann loves working at Bark ATL because he can bring his fur kids with him to work, he likes all of his co-workers and the pups in his pack, and he can just be himself. Alann loves to sing (even though sometimes we wish he wouldn't) and he keeps us laughing all day. One day we will see what's under that hat though!